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Anderson Group

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Sinking Spring, PA 19608

Kevin Dolce, Vice President, Relationship Cultivator
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Customized Data-Driven Management Tools & Business Intelligence That Drives R.O.I.

Anderson Group offers a wide range of business intelligence capabilities and builds and executes targeted deposit and business banking strategies through a specialized process utilizing bank data. This process ultimately helps grow core and business banking deposits and merchant services, among other areas.

With data-driven engagement, the firm will help identify how to drive new opportunities with bank data and how to optimize existing and new data to achieve financial goals and enhance return on investment.

Anderson Group brings more than 30 years of operations, marketing and data mining experience from team members who have served in the banking industry for over 25 years.

Their business intelligence product provides unique access and insights to make data actionable in everyday operations.

The results empower each department to make informed decisions and improve performance of specific financial product offerings.

(*Specific bank results and ROI will be subject to many different elements and will be customized according to the individual bank. No specific ROI or growth rate can be guaranteed.)

Through customized database development, database marketing and real-time predictive data analysis services, Anderson Group can help your bank to:

Improve Reporting

  • Integrate your existing systems, SQL Server Analysis Services, and other tools to provide consistent and accurate reporting
  • Create segmented and customized dashboards with key business intelligence information

Supercharge Your Analytics

  • Monitor sales vs. budget performance to reduce overall operating costs
  • Use analytics to provide recommendations and forecasting to optimize client relationships and business growth, initiate new product development, reduce ad hoc reporting requests, increase specific product offerings, and improve processes
  • Develop a centrally-managed platform accessible to every department, with a unified view of your current internal and external data (i.e., business intelligence, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management) to encourage profitable business decisions

Make Your Marketing & Business Development Work for You

  • Use your data safely and securely to create a competitive differentiation, gain valuable insights into your customers, and cost-effectively mine new business and retail banking customer relationships
  • Develop fully integrated, data-driven marketing strategies with insights that get results
  • Drive new product development across all business lines using comprehensive data from multiple sources, including Salesforce
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to refine messaging and enhance targeting

Want to see how Anderson Group is thinking big and delivering bigger? Watch this short video to learn more about the reinvigorated Anderson Group.

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