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Approval Payment Solutions, Inc.

P.O. Box 446
Boonville, IN 47601

Jason Dates, Director of Agent Banks (NE)
(888) 311-7248 ext. 151

Merchant Processing

For over a decade, Approval Payment Solutions, Inc. (APS) has specialized in providing the “right” merchant processing solution through the establishment and development of Agent Bank Partnerships. APS offers a complete menu of electronic payment solutions to businesses of every size and type. They are a full-service provider, offering an all-inclusive solution for the payment processing needs of any business.

APS enables merchants to accept credit and debit cards, EBT, gift cards, fuel cards and checks safely and efficiently. APS also provides stored value cards, and internet payment processing for all types of financial transactions. Financial institutions and merchants find APS to be the answer to their respective needs in the payment-processing arena.

Privately owned with no affiliation to any financial services organization, APS’ goal is to be an industry leader in providing merchant services. APS has made significant investments in time and resources to insure that they offer and provide their partners the maximum income opportunity and the best products and services, all with the highest level of customer service and integrity.

To remain an industry leader, APS continues to add and develop key personnel to their acquisition team. Today, APS is led by senior management and key leaders with experience in all facets of the credit card industry including merchant acquiring, software solutions, hardware solutions, check recovery and conversion, web-based solutions, and merchant service and support. APS has been recognized as the leading member of the largest privately held merchant acquirer for dollars processed and Agent Partner Production, winning the “Top Producer in Agent Bank Development” for the last eight years!

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