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Commonwealth Charitable Management

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Montrose, PA 18801

Cristine Clayton, Executive Director
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EITC Program Management

Commonwealth Charitable Management was previously known as The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains. Through its successful and long-standing partnership with PA Bankers Services Corporation’s Select Vendor, EVERFI, the organization has been offering Educational Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) program management expertise to participating financial institutions for more than 14 years. 

Now with a new brand, they are expanding their services to banks statewide, and more members will be able to make significant contributions to support local education, receive up to 90 percent back in state tax credit, and maximize their charitable contributions.

Specifically, Commonwealth Charitable Management will help financial institutions across Pennsylvania to reduce administrative time and cost by:

  • Leveraging EITC for their sponsorship;
  • Acting as an administrator for all three aspects of EITC: Pre-K Scholarship Organizations, Scholarship Organizations and Educational Improvement Organizations (EIOs);
  • Providing Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) certification for contributions;
  • Enabling financial institutions to strategically identify specific schools, districts or programs to support; and
  • Administering financial institutions’ programs on their behalf, from application to the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development, to distribution and reporting.

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