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Cornerstone Advisors

7272 E. Indian School Road
Suite 400
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Bob Roth, Partner
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We will work with you to negotiate the best contract pricing along with improved service levels and terms – freeing you to focus on future performance and growth.

Cornerstone Advisors is a multi-disciplinary advisory firm that has worked with banks over the past two decades to achieve their most challenging and ambitious goals.  A key component of Cornerstone’s client work is contract assessment and negotiation services. Cornerstone’s team of contract negotiators leverage their deep market knowledge, proven methodologies, and proprietary pricing data to provide an objective analysis on how a bank’s vendor contracts compare to current market pricing and terms. They will negotiate directly with vendors on behalf of banks to achieve the most competitive pricing and favorable terms. For example, as a result of Cornerstone’s work, one Pennsylvania bank with $7B in assets saved $500,000 over a three-year period on Datacom services  ̶  without having to switch its service provider.

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