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EverFi/Community Foundation

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Benjamin Kelbaugh, Account Executive, Financial Education
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Financial Education and Technology Platform

EVERFI is the leading education platform company to teach, assess, and certify learners of all ages in critical skills. EVERFI partners with over 750 of the world’s largest financial institutions to power their marketing and CRA efforts with an interactive, scalable and measurable education platform. EVERFI’s programs have been recognized by the CFPB and included in published FDIC and OCC regulatory exams. Together, we work with our partners to reach more than 20 million learners to increase financial capability among consumers, employees, business partners and communities.

EVERFI offers three solutions that are deployed in various combinations to fit the needs and priorities of our partners:

  • K-12 Financial Education Sponsorship: Sponsor and support the activation of financial education programs within elementary and high schools across your footprint. 

  • Online Adult Consumer Education: Empower consumers, employees and communities to feel confident making challenging personal finance decisions. The platform features over 40 interactive 3-10 minute activities that are private-labeled and delivered in a tailored way to meet the specific needs and goals of our bank partners. 

  • Live Workshop & CRA Tracking Platform: Deliver and track in-person financial education events at scale. EVERFI Engage includes turnkey content across a variety of topic areas and is adapted for multiple learning environments, as well as data and administrative tools that make the process of tracking, managing and reporting on these sessions easier than ever.

PA Bankers Association’s members banks can private label all of EVERFI’s platforms in the communities that they care about.

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