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EverFi/Community Foundation

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Ryan Swift, Vice President, Business Development
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Financial Education & Technology Platform

EverFi's mission is to drive lasting, large-scale change to the critical skills capability of learners of all ages. EverFi is the leading education platform company to teach, assess and certify students in critical skills, including financial literacy, student loan management and digital literacy. By working with over 15,000 schools in 50 states, the company is powering a national movement that enables corporations and foundations to partner with schools and colleges in their network and license the use of the EverFi platform to deliver a measurable and lifelong impact on students.

The EverFi Financial Literacy Platform is a nine-module, six-hour program that is integrated into the school curriculum and covers over 600 topics including credit scores, insurance, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, taxes, stocks, savings, 401Ks and other critical concepts. EverFi’s team of implementation managers works on the bank’s behalf to ensure adoption and certification in the schools. The platform tracks the progress and score of every student uniquely and provides students who successfully complete the course with a Certification in Financial Literacy that can be a powerful tool for job applications, college search and internships. It also is a significant community development tool to graduate entire classes of students who are financially capable and literate.

EverFi also helps financial institutions and corporations make a transformative impact on the livelihoods adults, including companies' consumers, employees, and business partners through online education, data and services. Hundreds of the nation’s leading companies private label and customize our digital platform to help their communities build their financial knowledge, increase their engagement with relevant products, and positively influence their attitudes and behaviors. More recently, EverFi has begun pioneering platforms for CRA and seniors, some of the most in-demand areas to address in the industry.

PA Bankers Association member banks can private label the technology in all instances, for all ages, in the communities that they care about.

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