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Investors Title Insurance Company

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Multi-Bank Owned Title Agency Program

Investors Title Insurance Company has led more than 500 financial institutions in the business of selling title insurance through lender-owned agencies in the last 44 years. This program designed to generate non-interest fee income for participating owners, has generated over $480 million in commissions for lender-owned agencies and profits in excess of $190 million for their member banks. Today, Investors Title Insurance Company is a publicly held title insurance underwriter, specializing in residential and commercial title insurance, related online products, 1031 exchanges, reverse exchanges, settlement services, title agency management services and trust services.

Why should banks be involved in title insurance?

  • Significant fee income opportunity;
  • Natural extension of real estate lending;
  • Ability to improve your bank’s services;
  • Better coverage and claims resolution;
  • A business model that capitalizes on economies of scale; and
  • Impressive return on investment (ROI) with long-term growth potential.

Success in Pennsylvania

Investors Title Insurance Company is the underwriter for two multi-owner title insurance agencies operating in Pennsylvania – Bankers Settlement Services Capital Region in Harrisburg and Bankers Settlement Services in Southwest PA.

Member Benefit

Since 1999, these agencies have written approximately $51 million in title insurance premiums and have made cash distributions to owner banks of more than 1,198 percent ROI, representing millions of dollars. Investors Title would be pleased to give financial institutions of all sizes the opportunity to learn more about maximizing fee income through the sale of title insurance.

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