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Founded by regulatory attorneys in 2009, Ncontracts was formed with the vision of creating scalable and sustainable enterprise risk management software, specifically tailored for the financial services industry. Today, Ncontracts offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that encompass the entire risk lifecycle, including:

  • Nvendor - a vendor management module, providing software and services to help manage third-party risk;
  • Ncyber - a cybersecurity assessment tool that automates the FFIEC cyber review to allow for the delegation of tasks, attaching documents and comprehensive reporting;
  • Ncontinuity - a business continuity planning and communication software that allows institutions to leverage their interactive plan to maximize their recovery times and stay compliant;
  • Nfindings - a findings management module that provides a system to track tasks, issues and dates about any finding;
  • Ntrupoint - software/analytics for HMDA, CRA, Redlining and Fair Lending; and
  • Ncomply - a compliance management system to effectively manage regulatory compliance.

Through its proven results and team of industry experts, Ncontracts uses its user-friendly, customizable software to help financial institutions reduce:

  • Internal expenses and staff time by efficiently leveraging data within the platform;
  • Operational risks by having the correct information to inform the bank's decision-making process; and
  • Compliance risks by keeping banks up to date on regulations, vendor issues, risk assessments and more.

As a member of PA Bankers, you will be entitled to a free vendor review and a 5-percent discount on all modules listed above.

Ncontracts understands the complexity of the ever-changing regulatory and compliance world. Through a precise combination of technology and services based on individual client needs, Ncontracts can help you tackle the increasing complexities of third-party risk management with its dedicated support, unlimited training and guaranteed accuracy.

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