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@RISK Technologies, Inc.

16400 Dallas Parkway
Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75248

Allen Mitchell, Vice President, Channels & Client Executives
(215) 485-7315

@RISK Technologies, Inc. is a cyber network consensus SaaS company that provides automated digital forensic investigation (DFI) using machine learning. @RISK enables automation of cyber maturity levels, compliance scoring and enterprise risk management through an electronic strategic road map that is measured with a balanced scorecard for cyber and delivered through its @RISK Quorum Cognitive Cybersecurity Platform. The platform also includes an automated version of the FFIEC Cyber Assessment Tool (CAT), dramatically improving accuracy and reducing the time needed to complete FFIEC requirements.

Today's state-of-the-art cyber technology involves a combination of defenses, such as security endpoint protection, advanced threat protection, firewalls, behavioral analytics, security incident event managers and varying degrees of contract support. The burden to integrate these disparate technologies falls squarely on the enterprise's IT organization. The @RISK Quorum Platform and its "Network Consensus" approach performs the integration, fuses all these technologies, and presents the results on a single pane of glass.

@RISK leverages IBM's Watson™ Artificial Intelligence Technology with its own next generation cognitive computing systems to measure a company's social, physical and virtual environments. The result is a "Network Consensus," transforming costly post-incident DFI into pre-incident enterprise vulnerability discovery. @RISK cuts through the fog and friction of a cyber attack to zero in the most dangerous threats and makes recommendations to prevent, address or eradicate those threats.

@RISK is made up of cyber experts who have designed, built, delivered, and managed complex networked ecosystems for the special operations command, intelligence agencies and Department of Defense communities. We have leveraged this expertise to evolve cyber defenses to meet today's most aggressive cyber threat challenges and applied them to the commercial market.


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