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@RISK Technologies, Inc.

16400 Dallas Parkway
Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75248

Allen Mitchell, Vice President, Channels & Client Executives
(215) 485-7315

"You can't solve what you can't measure."

Cyber Network Consensus - Automated Digital Forensic Investigation - Automated CAT Tool - Balanced ScoreCard

@RISK Technologies, Inc. (@RISK) is a network consensus cybersecurity company that leverages IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence to provide a real-time, quantified approach for managing enterprise wide cybersecurity, improving threat protection and prediction and achieving heightened compliance and less risk. @RISK’s Quorum platform is driven by a client specific roadmap and measured through a balanced scorecard. The centerpiece of @RISK's Hybrid Cloud approach combines industry leading security analytics platforms, with the cognitive capabilities of Quorum, to automatically forecast, investigate and isolate security incidents through network consensus.

The "Network Consensus" approach collects all individual appliance and network data using Quorum Collect and Quorum Connect and augments this with automated security analysts’ expertise to uncover hidden threats and drive required actions with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This automated situational awareness, built with continuous defense improvement and risk reduction, transforms an organization’s security posture from reactive to predictive, adaptive and responsive.

@RISK’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model allows companies of all sizes to economically procure leading-edge, machine-learning based, SOC2 certified and privacy by design-embedded cyber technology to avoid damaging security incidents, comply with industry standards and regulations, maintain reputation integrity, and support their commitments to shareholders, end users, partners and suppliers.

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PA Bankers’ members receive a complementary Attack Surface Measurement Assessment, a significant set-up fee reduction, and a 30-percent discount from non-member pricing.

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