Human Resources/Benefits

Bank Health Care Consortium

Working with L.R. Webber and Benecon Group, Inc., PA Bankers Services Corporation (Services Corp) offers a unique health care funding program for banks across Pennsylvania.

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L.R. Webber

LRW provides PA Bankers members with reliable, efficient and competitive employee benefits programs. They assist your bank with the design, implementation, enrollment and servicing of your employee benefits program. LRW’s services are designed to provide employee claims and coverage support while reducing the administration and cost burdens on your human resource department.

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PA Bankers Services Corporation Career Center

Many employers are discovering the advantages of searching online for qualified candidates to fill their specific industry jobs. But when it comes to finding qualified banking professionals, the mass-market approach of the mega job boards may not be the best way to find exactly what you’re looking for. The PA Bankers Services Corporation Career Center gives employers and job seeking professionals a better way to find one another and make that perfect career fit. Employer benefits: Targeted Advertising Exposure -- reach a focused audience of industry professionals; Easy Online Job Listing Management; Resume Search Included with Job Posting; Automatic E-mail: notification when job seekers match your criteria; Build Company Awareness -- list company information and link to your Website; and Competitive Pricing -- package and high-member discounts available.

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