@RISK Technologies, Inc.

@RISK Technologies, Inc. offers an advanced cyber protection program. Using unique machine-based learning technology (artificial intelligence powered by IBM’s Watson) to create a Network Consensus, @RISK performs pre-incident forensic analysis on real-time threats and leverages the technology to enhance incident forecasting, reduce costs and ensure business continuity. The platform includes an automated version of the FFIEC Cyber Assessment Tool (CAT), dramatically improving accuracy and reducing the time needed to complete FFIEC requirements.

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Reduce your communication services costs, your second largest non-interest expense after salaries and benefits.

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Deluxe Corporation

Deluxe has been keeping financial institutions and small businesses connected with their customers for more than 95 years. Our clients trust us to help them keep their customer relationships relevant, secure, profitable, and loyal. They know our solutions are based on intensive research, development and testing. They also deliver measurable, repeatable and sustainable results.

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