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The Baker Group

1601 N.W. Expressway, 20th Floor
Oklahoma City, OK 73118-1426

Charles Amis, Vice President
(405) 415-7231

⦁ Dynamic Liquidity Monitor
⦁ Municipal Credit Regulatory Packet
⦁ Interest Rate Risk Monitor
⦁ Baker Bond Accounting
⦁ Advanced Portfolio Monitor

The Baker Group is one of the nation’s largest independently owned securities firms specializing in investment portfolio management for community financial institutions. Since 1979, we’ve helped our clients improve decision making, manage interest rate risk, and maximize investment portfolio performance. Our proven approach of total resource integration utilizes software and products developed by Baker’s Software Solutions* combined with the firm’s investment experience and advice. With its proprietary software, The Baker Group’s staff is dedicated to client education and support. The Baker Reporting systems include the following:

Interest Rate Risk Monitor (IRRM): Interest Rate Risk modeling and reporting
    ⦁ Simulation analysis for earnings at risk and capital at risk
    ⦁ Additional institution-specific analysis in support of modeling assumptions
    ⦁ Stress-testing rate changes, modeling assumptions, balance sheet dynamics, etc.
    ⦁ Liquidity reporting and stress-testing (dynamic sources and uses)
    ⦁ Regulatory compliance support including model validations and board education

Baker Bond Accounting (BBA) and Advanced Portfolio Monitor (APM): Investment Portfolio Accounting and Portfolio Analytics
    ⦁ Dynamic cash flow analysis of portfolio holdings under different stress scenarios
    ⦁ Municipal bond credit analysis including pre-and-post purchase reporting as well as periodic credit criteria filtering of portfolio

Members of the PA Bankers Association will receive a twenty percent discount from The Baker Group’s standard fee schedule.

*The Baker Group LP is the sole authorized distributor for the products and services developed and provided by The Baker Group Software Solutions, Inc.

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