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The Fulcrum Group International, Inc.

2155 Wood Falls Drive
Cummings, GA 30041

Rick Beasley, Principal
(770) 813-0809

Check Printing Contract Analysis

The Fulcrum Group International, Inc. (Fulcrum) has been in the business of reviewing, renegotiating and bidding check-printing relationships for the past 20 years. Check printing has become a very complex arrangement between supplier and financial institution. This process will only become more complex due to mergers within the check printing industry.

It has never been more important to secure the right printing partner that has the critical experience in proper account management, contract language, performance standards and financials.

Member Benefits

  • Perform complete program analysis
  • Use program analysis to determine needs or requirements
  • Prepare RFP
  • Manage the printer presentation process
  • Prepare financial spreadsheet analysis
  • Prepare executive analysis with recommendations
  • Perform final financial negotiations
  • Finalize contract verbiage and favorable terms
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